A professional massage helps you improve the condition of your body and provides a beneficial feeling of relaxation. This beneficial treatment of muscles, joints, skin and subcutaneous connective tissue ensures:

  • complete relaxation of body and mind,
  • good preparation for physical exertion,
  • recovery of the body after exertion, heavy labor or sport.

The massage is also aimed at relaxing and activating muscles, improving blood circulation and draining lymphatic fluid and has a strong detoxifying effect. This can be enhanced by the use of aromatherapy during the massage.

Massage is not only suitable for athletes, but also for anyone who wants to disconnect from the daily workload or stress in these hectic times.

Because people have different complaints, there are also different massage techniques.

We roughly distinguish five forms of massage:

  • friction – firm massage in one place, often in circular motions to loosen “knots” (adhesions of connective tissue and muscles).
  • petrisage – kneading of, for example, the shoulders.
  • effleurage – gentle, long strokes over the entire back.
  • vibration – shaking of, for example, the calf muscle in case of stiffness or cramps, which loosens muscles.
  • tapotage – tapping on the skin to promote good circulation.


Daily efforts bring fatigue. The tension builds up in our heads. Head massage provides a feeling of peace and relaxation that extends over the entire body and can release pent-up emotions.


Back pain is often the result of incorrect posture, but psychological stress also has an influence. Massage can provide significant relief from pain. Gentle strokes over the back, which stimulate the energy flow in the body, can be combined with classic massage in which the tissue (skin, muscles, lymphatics) is kneaded with specific massage handles. This beneficial treatment has a strong detoxifying effect on the body, which can be enhanced by the use of aromatic oils.


The leg muscles can become overloaded due to sports performance or recreational effort. Muscle knots in the buttock or upper leg often have a painful appearance on the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. Cramps, wrong movements or injuries can cause pain. Firm, deep massage grips then provide relief and relaxation. Leg massage is a good warm-up before exercise and reduces the risk of overload and injuries.


Feet have to endure a lot and therefore deserve good care. Foot massage not only promotes blood circulation in the feet and lower legs, but also relaxes the entire body.