Acupuncture literally means needle pricking and is also called needle therapy or stimulus therapy.

Acupuncture therapy is a form of alternative medicine that consists of stimulating acupuncture points (using very thin needles, electric current, heat or pressure) located on the meridians. This stimulation can remove any blockages and restore the body’s natural balance.

Acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is based on the life energy (Qi) that flows through the meridians. This method of healing assumes that you must treat the sick person as a whole and that each person is unique. We often work on the energy points and energy channels (meridians).

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy, which means that body and mind are approached as a whole. Not only is the complaint or disease treated, but the background and lifestyle of the person concerned is also taken into account when making the diagnosis.

Treatment method

The first consultation consists of an intake, followed by an acupuncture treatment and possibly nutritional advice. During the intake, ample time is taken to ask questions, feel the pulse, look at the tongue and possibly palpate a number of meridians to get the best possible picture of your health situation.

Based on this examination, a diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan will be drawn up, if desired. I will discuss this with you during the first consultation. When discussing the treatment plan, the treatment frequency will also be discussed with you.

The follow-up treatments always start with a short interview and the wrist and tongue are also carefully examined again. This way, each treatment is adapted to your unique condition at that moment and the treatment is much more effective.


90 minutes 95 Euro

120 minutes 125 Euro

Points of attention

Before treatment:

• Make sure you have eaten a light meal, so do not come to the treatment on an empty or too full stomach;
• Always consult your doctor first in case of injuries or specific (pain) complaints;
• If you have the flu, fever or a certain infectious disease, it is wise to stay at home;

During treatment:

• xx

After treatment:

• xx

Professional association

Since 2022 I have been a member of the professional association VBAG with umbrella organization RBCZ.

VBAG Membership number: 22203001

For general information about VBAG, please visit the VBAG website and the FAQ page:


As a member of the VBAG professional association, reimbursements fall under the teaching method “Oriental Medicine” with Shiatsu as the main therapy. Whether the reimbursement is honored depends on your supplementary insurance. Only the treatments listed on this Shiatsu page are eligible for reimbursement, treatments on the Other page are not reimbursed. More information can be found at:

For more information about health insurers, please visit:


In 2022 I completed the HBO vocational training for Acupuncture at the Total Health Academy. I also have a diploma in Basic Medical Knowledge and Basic Psychosocial Knowledge at HBO level from the Energy School.

Complaints and Disputes

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied or have a complaint, I would appreciate it if you discuss everything openly and honestly with me. I trust that we will work it out together.

Of course you can also obtain information about VBAG complaint and disciplinary law for Clients on the website below:

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